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Hierarchical Bayesian modeling

Im Dokument AGN in the X-ray (Seite 133-151)

AGN X-ray spectra at z=0.5–4: a study of four Chandra deep fields

log 10 (S/N), 1 8keV0

A.7 Hierarchical Bayesian modeling

then compare different models and select which one of them fits the data better using the Bayes factor method (see Section A.3)

A.7 Hierarchical Bayesian modeling

To make predictions about a population based on the characteristics of the individual objects in the population one can use a Hierarchical Bayesian Model (HBM).

Assuming that the population can be described by the probability distribution function N(θ|α), where αare the parameters of the distribution, then the distributions of population properties, when normalized, can be interpreted as probability distributions for individual parameters.

P(θ)=N(θ|α) Z

N(θα)dθ =P(θ|α). (A.15)

Thus, the Bayes theorem can be written as

P(θ|D)∝ P(D|θ)P(θ)= P(D|θ)P(θ|α), (A.16)

and the population can be used to make inferences on individual observations. However, we can write eq. A.16 for the population so that the individual observation can be used to find the population parametersα, as follows

P(α, θ|D)∝P(D|θ, α)P(θ, α)P(α), (A.17)

where P(D|θ, α)P(θ, α) is the likelihood. By marginalizing over the parameters of the individ-ual objects we find

P(α|D)∝ Z

[P(D|θ, α)P(θ, α)dθ]P(α). (A.18)

To sum up, HBM is needed to find simultaneous posteriors on individuals and population parameters and to quantify the uncertainty in those parameters (see also Chapter 3).


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