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What is poetry?


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What is poetry?

Poetry is important... It reaches inside people and heals their wounds like nothing else can. It is an escape from reality and a method of coping with reality. It's a certain feeling inside.

What is poetry? you say

As you fix my eyes with yours of blue.

What is poetry! .... You ask me that?

Poetry... It is you!

Poetic devices

IMAGERY Figurative language used to create particular mental images.

SIMILE A comparison between unlike things using "like", "as", or "as though".: cheeks like roses


An association of two completely different objects as being the same thing.

Bill Gates is drowning in money.

She has a special place in his heart.

A blanket of snow fell through the night.

They are on the road to peace.

My father is a bear.


Lines made up of five iambs (two-syllable feet) are called iambic pentameters. They contain ten syllables and five stresses.

∪ − ∪ − ∪ − ∪ − ∪ −  Be what you can if thus your heart so deem, For more the man will less the foible seem.


Repetition of similar (same) vowel or consonant sounds in two or more words.

The opening stanza of Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," with end rhymes of the words, cloud-hills-crowd-daffodils- trees-breeze, is described as having a rhyme scheme of ababcc;

pair rhyme: aabb cross rhyme: abab Schweifreim abba eye rhyme love / move Binnenreim innerhalb eines Verses

OXYMORON A seeming contradiction in two words put together.

cruel kindness; beautiful death; jumbo shrimp; real imitation leather TONE, MOOD Feelings or meanings expressed (conveyed) in the poem.

Useful links:

http://www.poetrymagic.co.uk/whatispoetry.html http://www.mca.k12.nf.ca/subpro4.htm





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