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The Notion of "Sustainable Development"


Academic year: 2022

Aktie "The Notion of "Sustainable Development""

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The Notion of "Sustainable Development"

Amundsen, Eirik S. and Asheim, Geir

Economics Department, University of Bergen, Norway


Online at https://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/10754/

MPRA Paper No. 10754, posted 27 Sep 2008 23:49 UTC




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1 Departmental coordinator or liaison at international relations office or equivalent body within the institution. 2 Lecture, seminar, block seminar, exercise or

Spring semester: 1 February 2022 – 31 July 2022 Lecture period: 14 February 2022 – 3 June 2022 Examination period: 4 – 18 June 2022..

As an incoming master student at the Department of Economics you can choose freely from our elective courses in the bachelor’s and master’s program as long as you fulfill

From the basic observation that assuming perfect substitutability among schooling levels yields an upper bound on output increases, and with a few ancillary assumptions – mainly

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The aim of the thesis is to explore the perceptions and opinions of English teachers about the implementation of the National Curriculum for Basic School. The research

1.1 The role of labor in sustainable development 9 share of extreme working poor (incomes below 1.25 USD a day) has decreased from 45.1 to 14.4 % and the share of moderate working

Technology and cyber defence topics are important worldwide and English is the most used language in technology; hence, it is only relevant to offer students in the cyber

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Finally, the fact that greenfield smart cities are the subjects of the promotional videos being analysed further exacerbates this potential for ideological infusion, given that such

Before carrying out lessons with the help of songs, the author noticed that students in the group displayed low levels of engagement as well as anxiety in class.. Throughout

Economics Department, University of Bergen,

Department of Economics, University of Bergen,

Ebrahimzadeh and Alavi (2017) studies come from Middle Eastern region, it can be said that learning English vocabulary through computer games is a relevant subject in

These notions were described in his articles written in the second half of 1970s, but were explained more exhaustively in the monograph Marcostructures (1980).

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This disadvantage also came up in the literature review where Miller (2020) points out that students may find information dense materials difficult to grasp. This

In order to suggest the semiotic model of subjectivity or identity that can contribute to the coexistence of the transhuman self with its other, first it has to be noted that

Motivated by the importance of estimating the impact of climatic change on High Arctic environments, we present here observations from a fossil soil, with intact plant cover

Abstract: For a growing country, the most needed stimulus is energy. Without any access to adequate energy resources it is hard for a growing country to sustain economic