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A. Answer these questions.


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EXTRA English 10 Annie’s Protest Fragen zum Inhalt

A. Answer these questions.

1. Where does Eunice want Hector to go?

a) a cosmetic factory b) a guinea pig farm 2. What did Eunice do last night?

a) She met the owner of Channel 9.

b) She had dinner with Mr Garrier.

3. What does Nick do when he takes the guinea pigs into the girls' flat?

a) He gives them something to eat.

b) He starts reading a magazine and watching television.

4. What happens when Nick changes channels on the TV?

a) He sees Hector and Annie.

b) He starts to watch a soccer match.

5. Why is Annie angry with Hector?

a) Because he asks her if she has got the guinea pigs.

b) Because he knows that she loves animals.

B. Before you watch Part three make questions with the following words.

Why / Bridget / ironing / dress

Why is Bridget ironing a dress?

1. Why / Bridget / tell / Nick / close / eyes


2. Where / Bridget / going / tonight


3. Why / Annie / angry with Hector


4. Where / guinea pigs


5. What / happen to / Bridget’s dress


Now watch and find the answers to the questions.

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a) An English person who knows Latin America b) A Latin American who speaks English. Why does Bridget want Hector to audition?. a) Because she wants to help Hector. c) Because

4. Why does Hector want Annie to be like Nick?.. a) Because Nick has very

a) She met the owner of Channel 9. What does Nick do when he takes the guinea pigs into the girls' flat?.. a) He gives them something to eat. What happens when Nick changes channels

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