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Academic year: 2024

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A brief overview of the (less than successful) pas de deux between science and politics in the struggle to mitigate climate change. Due to the high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere of the PETM, greater quantities of it dissolved in the water.


In the framework of the VeWA project, this isotope-based method will be applied to different carbonate archives of the Cretaceous period and the Eocene. He is initiator and spokesperson of the LOEWE project »VeWA« (Past Warm Periods), which began in the summer of 2020.

The author

In the Taunus Mountains, atmospheric researcher Kieran Stanley is able to study the air of the whole world. Then, in the 1970s, there were first indications of the envi- ronmentally harmful effect of CFC compounds.


Nearly all the trees in the City Forest are sick This is obvious in Frankfurt City Forest, which is already in extremely poor condition. In front of one of these groups of trees in the City Forest, a white sign bears the text Q.


In the coming decades, we can expect many vector- borne di seases to become much more widespread – in our own latitudes and in other parts of the world. Which vector-borne diseases do you expect to see here in Central Europe in the future.



His current research involves climate change and justice, the normative significance of the Anthropocene, and hope. For the political philosopher Darrel Moellendorf, climate change is a factor that amplifies the gradient between wealthy nations and poorer ones. Rising water temperatures attributable to climate change damage the seaweed, however, causing it to die prematurely.

A good six years ago, in 2015, Moellendorf gave listeners at a panel discussion on the topic of »Climate Change and Justice« in Bad Homburg something to reflect on. Today, Moellendorf’s view of the situation has become even more clear-cut: »There is already too much CO2 in the atmosphere.


The weaponisation of water and water infra- structure has already contributed to human security threats in many regions of the world. The energy and pow- ers possessed by the Earth are revealed to him in the beauty of the stone. The Anthropocene is a turning point in the history of humanity, the history of life and the history of the Earth itself.«.

In front of »Teddy« Adorno in the mists of the Engadin valley or behind him in the beige anorak. By the seventeenth century, only a few insignificant remnants of the erstwhile forests survived in the islands, most of them untended.


In his play »Eternal Peace« at Schau- spiel Frankfurt, the city’s largest theatre, Alexander Eisenach devotes himself to the topic of climate change in an unusual way. How can mankind be to blame for climate change when it is only responsible for three per cent of CO2 emissions. I try to take away some of the pressure by saying: Let us sit down and calmly research what acknowledged experts and institutions that have been examin- ing the science of climate change have to say on the subject.

If someone believes that humans are not to blame for climate change anyway, this exonerates the individual. Has the youth movement »Fridays for Future« made a difference to the issue of climate change.



These have since been regarded as the global goals agreed on by the international community to mitigate climate change and combat poverty and inequality. The UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 is widely seen as a major milestone, especially because of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change which was agreed here. Since 1995, the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (also referred to as World Climate Conferences or Climate Summits) have been taking place as Conferences of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP).

Climate targets not backed by sanctions In the same year, the UN Climate Change Con- ference (COP 21) took place in Paris. The failure of the United Nations to galvanise its members into mitigating climate change has been criticised from many angles.


China, for example, ranks only 120th in the country index – but is one of the top three issuers on the green bond market. However, in the jungle of bonds on offer, they search for criteria that underpin credibility. Moreover, in the case of corporations, investors are only prepared to forego a return on invest- ment if the bond exceeds a certain size.

Forest fires in the west of the USA are not unusual at this time of year – new, however, are the scale and intensity. Resolving this difficulty and raising aware- ness of the many problems in the framework of educational interventions – this is what Philip Wallmeier and the author (2020) propose.




That is why sample areas with different, lighter coloured substrates have been laid in the square that store less heat. The aim of the »Green Rooms«, benches with green roofs and side walls, is to communicate how pleasant greenery in the city can be. Rosemarie Heilig, city councillor for the environment, wants to combat overheating in the city centre through more greenery.

In the framework of the programme, each prop- erty can apply for funds of up to € 50,000, she says. For Jutta Deffner, the topic of mobility and transport occupies a key role in the climate debate, as car emissions often serve as an exam- ple of the volume of climate-relevant green- house gas emissions that need to be reduced.


The development of the discussion about the Mainkai in Frankfurt is exemplary of this: the majority wanted traffic calming, but during the year-long closure there was no convincing concept of how the gained road space could be ideally used. In Offenbach, the working group is supporting the development of six bicycle lanes as part of the LOEWE focus »Infrastructure – Design – Society«. With the support of the Federal Min- istry for the Environment, the city wants to redesignate an entire network of streets on which bicycles have priority and cars are not allowed to drive, or only as a secondary priority and at low speeds.

People want to live and experience things dif- ferently in the inner cities – the car as a status symbol is losing importance. Something is changing in a noticeable way,« says Lanzen- dorf, summarising the development of the last decade.

Residents of traffic-calmed streets have

The »sea egg« for storing surplus green electricity is based on the principle of the pumped storage power plant. A gigantic »water battery« in the Hambacher Loch could play a key role in the energy transition and secure the future of the Rhenish mining area as an energy region. Energy transition in the Rhenish mining area Schmidt-Böcking has sought talks with politi- cians for the realisation of the project.

Schmidt-Böcking and Luther were able to inspire the technical councillor of the city of Kerpen with the idea. Initially, a small auxiliary lake could be created in the shallow area of the Hambacher Loch, connected to the first hollow segments via a pipe system.

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Vermögensaufbau trotz Nullzins

The freeloader problem: It is a profoundly human phenomenon: If a good (such as the

Here too, there is absolutely no evidence that this free- loader problem in the community of nations will be resolved in the near future.

The complexity problem: The climate problem is very closely linked with other sus-

The distribution problem: On a global aver- age, CO 2 emissions per capita/year are cur-

Will we manage to halt climate change and stop global warming at 1.5 °C?

In the summer of 2020, China announced for the first time that it would be carbon-neutral by 2060. Enormous increase in knowledge: At the present time, 80 per cent of global energy production is based on fossil fuels, and global CO2 emissions have risen by 63 per cent in the last 30 years. We must ensure that their future is not severely constrained by our overuse of the atmosphere and the biosphere.

Joachim Curtius, born in 1969, studied physics at the University of Heidelberg and wrote his doctoral thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, where he conducted research into sulphuric acid in the atmosphere and the condensation trails of jet aircraft. His main research interests are the study of aerosols, ions, ice nuclei and trace gases in the atmosphere, aerosol- cloud interactions, aircraft emissions and the influence of aerosol particles on the climate.


For the first time, an international research alliance has observed the RNA folding structures of the SARS-CoV2 genome with which the virus controls the infection process. T he genetic code of the SARS-CoV2 virus is exactly 29,902 characters long, strung through a long RNA molecule. To do so, they used nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy in which the atoms of the RNA are exposed to a strong magnetic field, and thereby reveal something about their spatial arrangement.

The coordinator of the consortium, Pro- fessor Harald Schwalbe from the Center for Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance at Goethe University Frankfurt, explains: »Our findings have laid a broad foundation for future under- standing of how exactly SARS-CoV2 controls the infection process. Scientifically, this was a huge, very labour-intensive effort which we were only able to accomplish because of the extraordinary commitment of the teams here in Frankfurt and Darmstadt together with our partners in the COVID-19-NMR consortium.


Since these structures are very similar among various beta corona viruses, the scientists not only laid the foundation for the targeted development of novel drugs for treating COVID-19, but also for future occurrences of infection with new corona viruses that may develop in the future. SARS-CoV2 uses the spatial folding of its RNA hereditary molecule as control ele- ment for the production of proteins: pre- dominantly in areas that do not code for the viral proteins, RNA single strands adopt structures with RNA double strand sections and loops. Now, an international team of scientists led by chemists and biochemists at Goethe University and TU Darmstadt have experi- mentally tested the models for the first time.

Worldwide, over 40 working groups with 200 scientists are conducting research within the COVID-19-NMR consortium, including 45 doctoral and postdoctoral students in Frank- furt working in two shifts per day, seven days of the week since the end of March 2020. Schwalbe is convinced that the potential for discovery goes beyond new therapeutic options for infections with SARS-CoV2: »The control regions of viral RNA whose structure we examined are, for example, almost identi- cal for SARS-CoV and also very similar for other beta-coronaviruses.

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Even if the »coronavirus year« 2020 has ended – SARS-CoV-2 continues to accompany us into the future.

Publication date: mid-June 2021 (German edition)




an international ideas workshop is being set up, run by Goethe University in co- operation with the Gsi helmholtz centre for heavy ion research, Darmstadt Uni- versity,

Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen and Filippa Pettersson refused to be restrained by the boundaries of the room – as did Hannes Seidl – and incorporated the stairwell as an