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Publikationen Endokrinologie, Diabetologie und Stoffwechsel Originalarbeiten

Im Dokument leistungsbericht-2016.indd (Seite 55-62)

Adolf C, Asbach E, Dietz AS, Lang K, Hahner S, Quinkler M, Rump LC, Bidlingmaier M, Treitl M, Ladurner R, Beuschlein F, Reincke M. Worsening of lipid metabolism after successful treatment of primary aldosteronism. Endocrine. 2016;54:198-205. (IF 3.131)

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Chanal M, Chevallier P, Raverot V, Fonteneau G, Lucia K, Monteserin Garcia JL, Rachwan A, Jouanneau E, Trouillas J, Honnorat J, Auger C, Theodoropoulou M, Raverot G. Differential effects of PI3K and dual PI3K/mTOR inhibition in rat prolactin-secreting pituitary tumors. Mol Cancer Ther.

2016;15:1261-70. (IF 5.764)

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Wissenschaft Degenhart C, Schneller J, Osswald A, Pallauf A, Riester A, Reiser MF, Reincke M, Beuschlein F.

Volumetric and densitometric evaluation of the adrenal glands in patients with primary aldosteronism.

Clin Endocrinol. Epub 2016 Nov 17. (IF 3.327)

Deutschbein T, Bidlingmaier M, Schopohl J, Strasburger CJ, Petersenn S. Anthropometric factors have significant influence on the outcome of the GHRH-arginine test: establishment of normative data for an automated immunoassay specifically measuring 22 kDa human growth hormone. Eur J Endocrinol. Epub 2016 Dec 8. (IF 4.101)

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Johar H, Emeny RT, Bidlingmaier M, Kruse J, Ladwig KH. Sex-related differences in the association of salivary cortisol levels and type 2 diabetes. Findings from the cross-sectional population based KORA-age study. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2016;69:133-41. (IF 4.788)

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2016;6:50-4. (IF -)

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(IF 5.190)

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Wissenschaft Rachinger W, Oehlschlaegel F, Kunz M, Fuetsch M, Schichor C, Thurau S, Schopohl J, Seelos K, Tonn

JC, Kreth FW. Cystic craniopharyngiomas: Microsurgical or stereotactic treatment? Neurosurgery.

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Therapie der IgA-Nephritis, Diabetische Nephro-pathie, CKD-Progression, Nierentransplantation Natriumspeicherung bei Niereninsuffizienz, Tuberöse Sklerose

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