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H.5 Effects Studied

I.3 Observational Residuals

Table I.11: Statistics of SLR residuals; cutoff limit for outlier removal: 20.0 cm.


Number of observations

[/] [/] [/] [/]

4-04-0 22626 20790 3101 2664

4-04-1 - - 3095 2571

4-04-2 27751 25731 -

-5-02-0 20698 19151 2591 2316

5-02-1 - - 2615 2293

5-02-2 25723 23879 -

-Global RMS

[cm] [cm] [cm] [cm]

4-04-0 3.60 3.86 5.54 5.52

4-04-1 - - 6.02 5.83

4-04-2 4.41 4.77 -

-5-02-0 3.71 3.34 7.94 7.42

5-02-1 - - 7.92 7.31

5-02-2 3.98 3.72 -

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