Income taxes

In document Annual report of the Duisport Group: (Page 58-66)

A. Equity

VIII. Other information

12. Income taxes

The taxes on income and on revenue for the Group amount to 4,339,000 euros and for Duisburger Hafen AG to 3,696,000 euros of the result of normal busi-ness operations.

In addition, an amount of 240,000 euros (2013:

240,000 euros) in the consolidated financial state-ments relates to a change in deferred taxes not rec-ognized.

Total employees Industrial workers Office staff Apprentices 2014 2013

Duisburger Hafen AG 7 159 16 182 185

duisport packing logistics GmbH 117 71 13 201 199

dpl Chemnitz GmbH 52 11 0 63 61

dpl Weinzierl Verpackungen GmbH

(formerly dpl Süd GmbH)1 41 15 2 58 65

duisport rail GmbH 31 9 0 40 36

duisport agency GmbH 0 42 0 42 42

dfl duisport facility logistics GmbH 70 13 0 83 63

IPS Integrated Project Services GmbH 0 6 0 6 6

Holz Weinzierl Fertigungen GmbH & Co. KG 49 4 1 54 0

Omnipack GmbH 11 3 0 14 0

Tarlog GmbH 22 9 0 31 30

Umschlag Terminal Marl GmbH & Co. KG 17 4 0 21 21

duisport packing logisitics India Pvt. Ltd. 0 5 0 5 3

dpl International N. V. 0 0 0 0 2

duisport industrial packing service

(Wuxi) Co. Ltd. 15 8 0 23 33

Total 432 359 32 823 746

1 The previous year’s value involves the addition of the companies dpl Süd GmbH and Weinzierl Verpackungen GmbH, which were merged to form dpl Weinzierl Verpackungen GmbH.

Average number of employees by company

The total interest paid by the Group during 2014 amounts to 7.8 million euros.

Cash equivalents amounting to 203,000 euros resulted from companies consolidated proportion-ately as at 31 December 2014.

Information in terms of Section 264, Paragraph 3, HGB and Section 264b HGB

The subsidiaries Hafen Duisburg-Rheinhausen GmbH, duisport agency GmbH, dfl duisport facility logistics GmbH, duisport rail GmbH, duisport packing logistics GmbH, dpl Chemnitz GmbH, Terminal Marl GmbH

& Co. KG, and Holz Weinzierl Fertigungen GmbH &

Co. KG are availing themselves of the relief available under Section 264, Paragraph 3, HGB and Section 264b HGB in that they are foregoing disclosure of the financial statements pursuant to Section 325 HGB.

Appropriation of profits

Out of Duisburg Hafen AG’s net retained earnings totaling 9,350,149.02 euros, the Executive Board pro-poses distributing 3,600,000.00 euros to the share-holders and allocating the remainder to the legal reserve.

Auditor’s fees

The Group auditor’s fees for the financial year were for:

Auditing services 155,000 euros

Other verification services 21,000 euros

Other services 27,000 euros

Total fee 203,000 euros

Total receipts of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board

Receipts by the Executive Board in 2014 are broken down as follows:


Non- performance-based salary

Other non- performance-based payments

Performance-based payments Total

Erich Staake 324,900.00 90,048.00 238,000.00 652,948.00

Thomas Schlipköther 210,125.04 29,822.00 133,000.00 372,947.04

Markus Bangen 162,143.76 54,833.001 119,000.00 335,976.76

Total 697,168.80 174,703.00 490,000.00 1,361,871.80

2014 receipts

1 Including pension scheme.

The measurement criteria of the individual objective agreements with members of the Executive Board for 2014 are also relevant for the achievement of

objec-tives and thus the amount of variable remuneration in 2015 and 2016.

The following pension provisions have been made for the members of the Executive Board:

The following pension provisions have been made for former members of the Executive Board and their survivors:


As of 31 Dec. 2013 3,351,715.00

Pension payments -314,073.00

Ongoing appropriation 148,949.00

Appropriation from

compounding 154,829.00

As of 31 Dec. 2014 3,341,420.00

f 31 Dec. 2014 Appropriation 31 Dec. 2013

Erich Staake 1,362,597.00 189,556.00 1,173,041.00

Thomas Schlipköther 750,057.00 116,722.00 633,335.00

Total 2,112,654.00 306,278.00 1,806,376.00

1 Chairman.

2 Vice-Chairman/Chairwoman.

In 2014, the individual members of the Supervisory Board received the following overall compensation:

The members of the Supervisory Board are not paid performance-based remuneration or remuneration with a long-term incentive.

Loans to members of the Executive and Supervisory boards

As at 31 December 2014, there were no outstand-ing loans to Executive Board and Supervisory Board members.

Duisburg, 11 May 2015

Duisburger Hafen Aktiengesellschaft

Executive Board

Staake Schlipköther Bangen (Chairman)

Supervisory Board member

Non-performance-based Remuneration

in 2014 in f

Non-performance-based Meeting fees

in 2014 in f

Non-performance-based Travel expenses

in 2014 in f

Total in 2014 in f

Sören Link2 1,789.52 409.04 0.00 2,198.56

Jörg Hansen 1,533.88 409.04 0.00 1,942.92

Ursula Lindenhofer2 1,533.88 0.00 0.00 1,533.88

Gunter Adler2 766.94 204.52 533.42 1,504.88

Michael von der Mühlen1 1,022.58 204.52 0.00 1,227.10

Heidi Batkowski 1,022.58 204.52 0.00 1,227.10

Udo Vohl 1,022.58 204.52 0.00 1,227.10

Ulrich Brottmann 1,022.58 204.52 0.00 1,227.10

Bernhard Waltenberg 1,022.58 204.52 0.00 1,227.10

Torsten Burmester 1,022.58 204.52 0.00 1,227.10

Kirsten Stecken 1,022.58 153.39 0.00 1,175.97

Benno Lensdorf 608.44 51.13 0.00 659.57

Dr. Ulf Steenken 511.29 88.71 49.80 649.80

Ekhart Maatz 511.29 51.13 0.00 562.42

Thomas Susen 0.00 102.26 0.00 102.26

Total 14,413.30 2,696.34 583.22 17,692.86

Audit opinion

We have reviewed the Group financial statements – comprised of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of equity – with the Group notes and Group management report included with the company’s notes for Duisburger Hafen AG, Duisburg, which is included with the man-agement report for the company, for the fiscal year from 1 January to 31 December 2014. The documen-tation of the Group financial statements and the Group management report is the responsibility of the Executive Board of the company in terms of German commercial law and the supplementary conditions of the Group’s articles. It is our task to present an eval-uation, on the basis of the audit performed by us, of the Group financial statements and the consolidated management report.

We have conducted our audit of the Group financial statements in terms of § 317 of the German Com-mercial Code (HGB), taking into consideration the generally accepted German standards of auditing as specified by the Institute of Public Auditors (IDW).

These regulations require that the audit be planned and carried out such that misstatements and con-traventions materially affecting the presentation of the net assets, financial position, and results of oper-ations in the Group financial statements – taking into consideration generally accepted accounting princi-ples – and in the consolidated management report will be detected to a sufficient degree of certainty.

Knowledge of the business activities and the eco-nomic and legal environment of the Group as well as expectations as to possible misstatements are taken into account in the determination of audit proce-dures. The effectiveness of the accounting-related internal control system and the evidence supporting the disclosures in the Group financial statements and in the consolidated management report are primarily evaluated on the basis of random sampling. The audit includes the assessment of the annual financial state-ments of the companies consolidated in the Group financial statements, the determination of compa-nies to be included in the consolidation, the account-ing and consolidation principles used, and the sig-nificant estimates made by the Executive Board of the company, as well as the evaluation of the overall

presentation of the Group financial statements and the consolidated management report. We are of the opinion that our audit forms a reasonable basis for our evaluation.

Our audit has not led to any reservations.

In our opinion, based on the findings of our audit, the Group financial statements comply with the legal requirements as well as the supplementary condi-tions of the Group’s articles and present a view of the net assets, financial position, and results of opera-tions in the financial statements and the Group finan-cial statements, taking into consideration generally accepted standards of proper accounting, in accord-ance with the actual situation. The consolidated man-agement report is consistent with the Group financial statements, as a whole provides an appropriate view of the position of the Group, and suitably presents the opportunities and risks of future development.

Düsseldorf, 11 May 2015 PricewaterhouseCoopers Aktiengesellschaft


Norbert Linscheidt p.p.a. Udo Kroll

Auditor Auditor


Duisburger Hafen AG’s subscribed capital amounts to 46,020,000 euros divided into 46,020 registered shares of restricted transferability.

Subscribed capital is held by the following institu-tions:

The State of North Rhine-Westphalia, via Beteiligungsverwaltungsgesell-schaft des Landes

Nordrhein-Westfalen mbH with 30,860 million euros The City of Duisburg with 15,340 million euros

Duisburger Hafen AG Hafen-Nummer 3650 Alte Ruhrorter Strasse 42–52 47119 Duisburg, Germany Tel. +49 (0) 203 803-0 Fax +49 (0) 203 803-4232

Concept, editing & implementation dws Werbeagentur GmbH, Duisburg


Frank Reinhold, Düsseldorf Printing & processing druckpartner

Druck- und Medienhaus GmbH, Essen Photo credits

Thomas Bittera Initiativkreis Ruhr IPS GmbH Rolf Köppen

Marco Linke, Manntau SUT Archiv

Yantian Port

printed on:

Zeichenerklärung/Legend Autobahn/Motorway Haupterschließungsstraßen/ Important connecting road


Haupteisenbahnlinien/ Important connecting railway

Wasserfläche/Water area Hafengebiet duisport/ duisport Port area

duisport rail GmbH Öffentliches Eisenbahnverkehrs- unternehmen und flexibler Partner für

die Anbindung an die Schiene DuisPortAlliance GmbH

Internationale Hafen- und Logistikentwicklung in Partnerschaft mit HOCHTIEF

duisport agency GmbH Zentrale Vertriebsgesellschaft für Lösungen rund um Verkehrsrelationen,

Transportketten und Logistik

dfl duisport facility logistics GmbH Port Logistics, Warehouse Services,

Facility Management

duisport consult GmbH Hafen- und Logistikkonzepte Duisburger Hafen AG

Eigentümerin und Managementgesellschaft der öffentlichen Duisburger Häfen

LOGPORT Logistic-Center Duisburg GmbH Full-Service-Anbieter im Ansiedlungsmanagement

logport ruhr GmbH Logistikimmobilien und modulare

Dienstleistungen im Ruhrgebiet

duisport packing logistics Unternehmensgruppe Verpackungslogistik inkl. Transportlösungen

für die Investitionsgüterindustrie

mit den Logistikstandorten:

duisport packing logistics GmbH Duisburg/Essen/Westfalen/Hamburg

dpl Weinzierl Verpackungen GmbH Sinzing/München/Offenbach

Omnipack GmbH Langerringen/Metzingen Holz Weinzierl Fertigungen GmbH & Co. KG

Sinzing/Schönheide/Velburg dpl Chemnitz GmbH

Chemnitz dpl International NV


duisport Industrial Packing Service (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


duisport packing logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

Pune (Mumbai)

Infra- und Suprastruktur Logistische Dienstleistungen Verpackungslogistik Beteiligungen

Umschlag Terminal Marl GmbH & Co. KG Terminal für den Kombinierten Bahn-

verkehr im nördlichen Ruhrgebiet

Heavylift Terminal Duisburg GmbH Schwergutterminal im Duisburger

Außenhafen D3T Duisburg Trimodal Terminal GmbH

Trimodales Containerterminal am logport-Hafen

Masslog GmbH Umschlagterminal für Massengut

(vor allem Importkohle)

DIT Duisburg Intermodal Terminal GmbH Trimodales Containerterminal am


Tarlog GmbH Industrial area and services

EILS – Emballages Industriels Logistique & Services Verpackungslogistik mit Standorten

in Mulhouse und Strasbourg

IPS Integrated Project Services GmbH Weltweite Projektlogistik für den

Anlagen- und Maschinenbau Antwerp Gateway N. V.

Seehafen-Containerterminal, Antwerpen

DistriRail B. V.

Unabhängiger Bahnoperateur im Kombinierten Verkehr

In document Annual report of the Duisport Group: (Page 58-66)

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