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Forward Configurations

The forward setup file comprising the settings of the radiative transfer calculation is given below. Likewise, an empty LbL input card terminates reading this card, i.e. PILS will search

for another XSection card.

&FORWARD intPol=’A’, quad=’T’, verbose=’s’,


MFile=’/home/donau101/mirror/IR/data/molecules.nml’, &END

&Sources surfaceTemp=288.2 &END

&Xsection file=’/home/donau101/mirror/IR/data/hitran/2008/lines’,

what=’multi’, &END

&LbL molecule=’H2O’, lineShape=’Voigt CKD’ &END

&LbL molecule=’CO2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’O3’, &END

&LbL molecule=’CO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’CH4’, &END

&LbL molecule=’O2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’NO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’SO2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’NO2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’NH3’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HNO3’, &END

&LbL molecule=’OH’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HCl’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HBr’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HI’, &END

&LbL molecule=’ClO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’H2CO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HOCl’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HCN’, &END

&LbL molecule=’CH3Cl’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HO2’, &END


&Create molecule=’Grey’, xs(0)=1.e-20, xs(1)=2.e-20 &END

&Create &END

&LbL molecule=’H2O’, lineShape=’Voigt CKD’ &END

&LbL molecule=’CO2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’O3’, &END

&LbL molecule=’CO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’CH4’, &END

&LbL molecule=’O2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’NO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’SO2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’NO2’, &END

&LbL molecule=’NH3’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HNO3’, &END

&LbL molecule=’OH’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HCl’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HBr’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HI’, &END

&LbL molecule=’ClO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’H2CO’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HOCl’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HCN’, &END

&LbL molecule=’CH3Cl’, &END

&LbL molecule=’HO2’, &END


&Create molecule=’Grey’, xs(0)=1.e-20, xs(1)=2.e-20 &END

&Create &END


&Xsection &END

Appendix C


Symbol Denotation

A averaging kernel matrix

B B-spline basis function

B Planck function

b forward model parameters

c instrument model parameters

c speed of light

cond condition number

E relative exponential function

E expected value operator

E energy

eλ retrieval error

F forward model

F objective function

f residual vector

f frequency

G radiometric gain

g line profile/shape function

h Planck constant

In identity matrix

I radiance (intensity)

kB Boltzmann constant

km molecular cross section

K Voigt function

K Jacobian matrix

Kλ regularized general inverse k order of the B-spline basis

L regularization matrix

L maximum optical path difference

l correlation length

Symbol Denotation

M measurement response

m molecular mass

nair temperature dependence of air width

nm number density

p atmospheric pressure

Q partition function

q scale factor for iterative regularization methods R instrumental line shape (spectral response function)

re Earth radius

r sideband ratio

S instrument output

Sl line strength

S error covariance matrix

T transmission

T atmospheric temperature

Tb brightness temperature

t B-spline knot

U left singular matrix

V right singular matrix

xa a priori profile

xt true profile

xλ regularized solution

α volume absorption coefficient

γ half width (at half maximum, HWHM)

solution error

ε model parameter standard deviation

δ measurement noise

ζ compression quantity

λ regularization parameter

µ refractive index of air

ν wavenumber


νl spectral line center position

Σ rectangular diagonal matrix with singular values

σ2 variance

χ control parameter using the discrepancy principle

τ optical depth

ω B-spline expansion coefficients

Appendix D


Acronym Denotation

1-D one-dimensional

ACE-FTS Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment - Fourier Transform Spectrometer

AD automatic differentiation

AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference System AIRS Atmospheric Infrared Sounder

ALADIN Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument AMIL2DA Advanced MIPAS Level 2 Data Analysis ARTS Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator ATMOS Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy BIRRA Beer Infrared Retrieval Algorithm

BUV backscatter ultraviolet

DLR Deutsches Zentrum f¨ur Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Center)

DOAS Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer

DOF degree of freedom

DSB double sideband

ECMWF European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasts

EOS Earth Observing System

ESA European Space Agency

FoV field-of-view

FWHM full width half maximum

GARLIC Generic Atmospheric Radiation Line-by-line Infrared Code GEISA Gestion et Etude des Informations Spectroscopiques


GLORIA Gimballed Limb Observer for Radiance Imaging of the Atmosphere

GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment

Acronym Denotation

GOMOS Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars GOSAT Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite

HALOE Halogen Occultation Experiment

HEB Hot Electron Bolometer

HITRAN High-resolution Transmission

HWHM half width at half maximum

IASI Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer

IF intermediate frequency

ILS instrumental line shape

IMF Institut f¨ur Methodik der Fernerkundung (Remote Sensing Technology Institute)

IMK-ASF Institut f¨ur Meteorologie und Klimaforschung -Atmosph¨arische Spurengase und Fernerkundung (Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research -Atmospheric Trace Gases and Remote Sensing) IRGN iteratively regularized Gauss–Newton

IRTMW01 International Radiative Transfer Modelling Workshop 2001 ISS International Space Station

JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

JEM Japanese Experiment Module

JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory

KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KOPRA Karlsruhe Optimized and Precise Radiative Transfer Algorithm

LO local oscillator

LoS line of sight

LRIR Limb Radiance Inversion Radiometer

LSB lower sideband

LTE local thermodynamic equilibrium

MARC Millimeter-wave Atmospheric-Retrieval Code

MIPAS Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding MIPAS-B Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding

– Balloon

MIRART Modular Infrared Atmospheric Radiative Transfer MOLIERE Microwave Observation Line Estimation and Retrieval MOPD maximum optical path difference

MLS Microwave Limb Sounder

MTP Microwave Temperature Profiler

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NICT National Institute of Information and Communications


Acronym Denotation

OEM Optimal Estimation Method

OSIRIS Optical Spectrograph and Infrared Imager System PILS Profile Inversion for Limb Sounding

POLDIRAD Polarimetric Diversity Doppler Radar

RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

RLM regularizing Levenberg–Marquardt

RSS root sum squares

SBR sideband ratio

SCIAMACHY Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Cartography

SIR Superconducting Integrated Receiver

SMILES Superconducting Submillimeter-wave Limb Emission Sounder

SMR Sub-Millimeter Radiometer

SNR signal-to-noise ratio

SRF spectral response function

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

SVD singular value decomposition

SZA solar zenith angle

TCCON Total Carbon Column Observing Network

ToA Top-of-Atmosphere

TR Tikhonov regularization

TELIS Terahertz and Submillimeter Limb Sounder

TES Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer

THOMAS Terahertz OH Measurement Airborne Sounder TSVD truncated singular value decomposition

UARS Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite

USB upper sideband

VMR volume mixing ratio


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