To our knowledge, this study provides first insights on horizontal and vertical patterns of sap flux densities in oil palms. The radial profile shows lower at the outer margin, increased to 2.5 cm under the bark and remained high to the innermost measured depth at 7.5 cm.

The temporal dynamics of sap flux densities at different vertical levels in the stem and in petiole show relatively small time lags. Based on time lag analysis there is thus little room for a contribution of stem water storage to oil palm transpiration. However, other stem water storage mechanisms that do not translate into time lags at different vertical positions may be at play, which may be the subject of future inquiry.


This study was financially supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the framework of a collaborative German–Indonesian research project (CRC 990

‘EFForTS’ project: sub-projects A02. We would like to thank the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia, for providing the research permit for fieldwork (No. 285/SIP/FRP/E5/Dit.KI/VIII/2016). We would like to thank Christian Stiegler for supporting with the meteorogical data. We would further like to thank our field assistant Sofyan and Yogaler for their great support during the field campaigns. Thanks to all ‘EFForTS’ colleagues and friends in Indonesia, Germany, and around the world.


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Appendix 1 Diurnal patterns of sap flux densities as measured by HRM in stem base, stem high and leaf petiole of two oil palms. Normalization was performed by setting the respective highest observed value to one, and the lowest to zero.



Im Dokument Tree and oil palm water use: scaling, spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics (Sumatra, Indonesia) (Seite 105-111)